Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Looking for DTP Hitchhikers...

Hi everyone...

Wow... It's been a while since I last wrote on this blog. I've been keeping busy at Red Hat since I hopped the fence back in June. :)

Unfortunately, with Sybase's reduction in DTP resources and a few other folks we've lost by attrition, we're suffering from a serious lack of help in the Connectivity and Enablement projects at the moment. Though Linda from Actuate helps out in Connectivity every now and then, it's pretty much just yours truly with occasional help from our friends at Codehoop. And my time these days is pretty minimal for DTP.

Talking with Brian Payton, our fearless leader these days in DTP, it came up that with the small core of folks involved it was like we were in a book "Hitchhiking Through Europe on Pennies a Day" - not getting too far, but when you do get picked up and make some progress on your journey it's often for a brief burst of speed and then you're out of the car on foot again.

So we're looking for a few hitchhikers to help us out.

I come to you, our friends in the DTP community and the broader Eclipse community, and ask for help. We're not asking for full time, devoted folks. We're asking that if you get some time and want to dig into DTP, we have lots of Bugzilla entries that could use some tender loving care.

If everyone who uses DTP would dig into one DTP bug every few months and provide a patch, I'm pretty sure our list of issues would decrease dramatically.

We already have a few mediums out there to communicate... We have the Eclipse DTP mailing lists and newsgroup (check out http://wiki.eclipse.org/DTP_New_Committer_Info to get the list of how to find those resources). And I just created a new IRC chat (#eclipse-dtp) on freenode that I'll be on any time I happen to be logged in. Maybe we can get the conversation going between other DTP community members and bring things back to life a bit!

Personally, I've been involved with DTP since 2006 and have really enjoyed working with everyone I've met. Who knows who you might meet? We can't offer fame or fortune for your contributions, but we can definitely offer our gratitude and most likely the gratitude of a grateful DTP community.

Who's interested in helping us out?