Thursday, August 28, 2008

DTP's Been Babel-ized!

Rendering in Klingon gliphs of the word Qapla'...Image via Wikipedia Hi all!

Just thought I'd share some cool news from DTP land. I received word from Denis (via Bugzilla) that the initial translations for DTP's 1.6 (Ganymede) release have been added to Babel! Yay!

I would like to thank the folks who helped get us going with translations in Babel:
  • Antoine Toulmé
  • Yasuo Doshiro
  • Denis Roy
  • and Kit Lo
So thanks to everybody who helped get us started. Pretty soon we'll be able to have DTP in Klingon (probably not, but it's an interesting concept at any rate!)!

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1 comment:

Antoine said...

Well I really did nothing in particular so far, except opening the bug :).

I look forward to contributing some French translations to your project.

Sincere congratulations!