Friday, November 7, 2008

Get your submissions in for EclipseCon 2009!

Hi all!

Yes, it's just the first week of November... But November 24 is creeping up on us all too quickly... 18 days and will come and go and you'll be wondering where all the time went!

So it's time to think about a presentation for EclipseCon!

Simply want to share some cool tips or news with the world? Do a short talk! You only have to fill 10 minutes and it goes by like lightning.

Do you have more to say? Do a long talk! 50 minutes goes by very quickly.

Do you have too much to say in an hour and want to help people learn some new Eclipse skills? By all means try for a tutorial slot! Two hours of your very own to teach a few old (or new) developers some new tricks!

But don't wait too long! We'd love to see some DTP-themed talks. What cool things are you doing with Data Tools? Use it in new and twisted ways and share it with the rest of us!

Only 18 more days to get your proposals in!

Good luck and hope to see some talks soon!


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