Thursday, October 7, 2010

Where is DTP being used these days?

As we start looking at what will go into DTP (Data Tools Platform) 1.9 for the Eclipse Indigo (June 2011) release, it struck me that we don't know that much about how DTP is being used currently. It's been a while since we "polled the studio audience" to see what was up...

And though we have a skeleton crew now helping us with bug fixes and new features, we'd love to have more folks pitch in to help - whether it's by writing articles or blog posts, reporting bugs, or offering to lend a hand with patches for existing issues or new functionality. However the help is offered, we'll probably consider it!

But we'd love it if you use DTP if you could take some time and please answer a few survey questions:

Click here to take survey

Your answers will help us figure out where our priorities lie for this next release and what we may or may not have help with from the community!

Thanks in advance and I'll write up another blog post with the results a month from now to share those details.

Hope you're having a great week!


(Image from Discovery Education Resources)


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