Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Out of Memory Errors...

True-color image taken by the Galileo probeImage via WikipediaHi all...

I recently spent about a day and a half chasing my tail trying to track down some bizarre out of memory errors I was running into with Ganymede SR1 when debugging some DTP stuff and thought I'd pass along what I learned. I was continually running out of heap space while debugging, which was very troubling.

At first, I thought I had somehow corrupted my workspace. So I created a new workspace and tried it again (several times actually) and ended up with the same problem.

Next, I thought I'd try the Galileo Platform Galileo M3 build (along with the associated GEF, EMF, and DTP builds) and see if I got the error. At first I didn't, and I thought 3.5 might have fixed the problem... [sigh] No luck.

So then I started poking around on Google, trying to figure out how to bump up my heap space.

I kept running across this suggestion (which after thinking about it was kind a "well duh" kind of thing):
"Add -Xms256M -Xmx512M to the VM arguments for the runtime configuration or on the main Eclipse command line when you start it up..."

Lo and behold it works now in Galileo and Ganymede. Life is good.

But it was a frustrating end to the week, only to discover that I was just oblivious to the simple solution. :(

Hope this saves someone else from the pain and suffering!

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