Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The end of an era and a new beginning...

To the Eclipse and DTP communities...

Some of you may have already known that I was leaving the leadership of DTP at the end of Galileo. If you didn't already know, Sybase is pulling away from project leadership for now. They have their reasons for doing so, and though valid I am sad to see us retreat from DTP after the last four years.

That said, it's been an honor to help lead the DTP project over the last year and I'm proud to have been involved with all the participants and the community for the last four years. I've learned a ton and met some truly amazing people. And most of all, I've had fun. Those are always my three criteria for success -- the people I work with, what I learn on the job, and whether the job itself has some elements of fun. It's not always fun, but it has to have a bit at least. :)

I'll miss being as involved as I have been, but still hope to retain my committer status as I shift jobs, leave Sybase, and head to Red Hat at the end of the month. After more than 13 years at New Era and Sybase, I'm leaving to pursue a different opportunity. Definitely time for a change and RH made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

So I'll still be around DTP, just not as much as I have been over the last few years. I'm sure that others will pick up the mantle of DTP leadership and continue to shepherd the project forward. We have a great community that continues to grow and use our code in innovative ways, so I'm hopeful about the future of the project. I will still try and continue to post here as time allows, but I can't guarantee anything.

Thank you to all of you who have helped over the years. I'll still be around and hope to keep in touch!

--Fitz (aka Brian Fitzpatrick)


Ian Skerrett said...


Sorry to see you leave. Good luck at Red Hat.

Ivar said...

Sad to see you leave.

Have fun in Red Hat :)

Brian Fitzpatrick (aka "Fitz) said...

Thanks guys. I'll still be around DTP, just not as involved as I have been. :( Great working with you both!

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