Thursday, April 23, 2009

Interesting trend in DTP Mailing List

Hey all...

I saw Dave Carver's post about using MarkMail's indices of the Eclipse mailing lists and was inspired to take a look at the DTP mailing list to see if there were any trends. We seem to follow the same trend as WTP...

We seem to peak around the time of each year's release train, which makes sense, and then drop off a bit after that.

This helps to understand a bit of the adoption curve as was noted in the EclipseCon 2009 keynote "The Social Mind: Designing Like Groups Matter" (you can see the abstract here).

They showed a picture of Wikipedia contributions that looks somewhat similar to the graphs for WTP in Dave's post and this one for the DTP list. Initially there's a lot of contributions and conversation and it starts to drop off over time with only a few people doing the majority of the posting. In our case, the top 5 are all either Sybase or IBM folks, but it's heartening to see that at #6, we have Oracle represented and some of our friends at Actuate as well.

What does this tell us? Honestly not much more than we already knew, but it's good to have another metric. Thanks Dave for pointing out that Markmail is there!

If anyone's interested in the DTP-DEV stats, feel free to check them out here as well.

Back to the grindstone!


Steven said...
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Steven said...

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the series of articles on DTP and using some of the internals. I needed a bit more, but was able to get up and running based on the information you have in your posts. I've posted a description of what I was doing in hopes that if anyone else gets stuck where I was, they'll be able to find a pointer to guide them. again!


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